16 June 2016

The most popular stainless steel industrial applications

Nowadays most of the industries and production units worldwide are equipped with stainless steel applications. Ergonomics, high quality and consistency are necessary criteria for industrial applications such as:
  • Protection equipment, cages and walls/surfaces claddings at industrial or production units and laboratories for health & hygiene or practical purposes as these products can protect the exposed surfaces of a unit.
  • Rainwater or sewage waste and industrial exhaust drainage grids, gutters, manhole covers and seals for indoor or outdoor applications. Stainless steel qualities can provide a long-lasting anti-corrosive product ideal for “heavy” use standards required by industrial units.
  • Casings and claddings for refrigerators and coolers.
  • Wire mesh and grids for filtering/raffinate systems to oil, food & beverage industries, paper manufacturing units and water or sewage waste treatment plants.
  • Refrigerator base stands, drip trays, beer faucets and towers. Commercial use stainless steel parts that need to be made manufactured with good quality materials for long-lasting use.
  • Stainless steel work-benches or tables for laboratories or food industries, bakeries, charcuteries and meat processing units. 
  • Auxiliary parts and applications like control decks, hygiene equipment, stands and trays, hygiene storage and cabinets, storing furniture and lockers, fleet farm fish baskets and many others.
When it comes to industrial equipment Ieronimakis Inox SA not only can manufacture ergonomically tested applications but also offer study & design services. Our long cooperation with some of the biggest Greek and European industries certifies that Ieronimakis Inox SA is leading manufacturer of stainless steel industrial applications and miscellaneous parts & accessories.