06 November 2018

Interview with Rena Sakellaridou

  1. Where do you raise creativity for creations?

    There are some first ideas that gradually lead to an architectural concept. The site, the program, or some special features contribute to these first associations, related ideas to the project. Sometimes this relationship may be more intuitive, more underground
  2. What was the most beautiful creation you have ever made in stainless steel and why do you stand out for it?

    It will sound strange but I think it is the sub structure of “Aggemar”. Because it was an entire metal construction even if it’s made by the static engineer that significantly supported the architectural form.
  3. What criteria would you choose to use stainless steel in your projects?​

    Mainly environmentally and certainly aesthetically. It withstands difficult environmental conditions and gives the opportunity for impeccable construction.
  4. What was the first contact with stainless steel material in your projects?​

    In visible parts of a project such as railings, fencing, smaller items. At the same time we started to use it as a façade fixation system. Gradually we became more aware of it and we became familiarise with it.
  5. Do you think stainless steel will continue to exist in future creations?

    Yes of course.
  6. What advice would you give to a new artist who would use stainless steel in his projects?

    Carefully planning of the details and monitoring of the construction, particularly through shop drawings.
  7. Tell us few words about your cooperation with Ieronimakis Inox S.A.

    We had a very good cooperation. They could meet the project requirements and support it considerably.
Name: Rena Sakellaridou
Job title: Architect
Communication: mail@sparch.gr