18 October 2017

ISV Architects in an interview over architecture and stainless steel

Isv Architects

Babis Ioannou, Tasos Sotiropoulos und Alexander Van Gilder sind das Herz von ISV Architects.

Athens: 129 Thessalonikis & 1 Artis, 18346 Moschato, +30 (0) 210-4839660
London: 8 Duke Street, London W1U 3EW, Great Britain, +44 (0) 207 487 3983

I.I.:     What’s your source of creativity?
ISV:    The anthropocentric approach, the respect towards the Greece as a place and its need, as well as the pioneering design and construction techniques, have always been the main axes of ISV's architectural philosophy.

I.I.:     Which is your favorite project and why does it stand out? 
ISV:   The private residence in Ekali area in Athens. Construction year 2005.

I.I.:     Based on which criteria do you choose stainless steel for your projects? 
ISV:   We choose stainless steel for unparalleled aesthetics, durability and manufacturing quality.

I.I.:     Which and when was your first professional contact with stainless steel?
ISV:   Another private residence in Psychiko area in Athens.

I.I.:     Do you believe that stainless steel will continue exist in future projects?
ISV:   Undoubtedly yes. 

I.I.      What would you advice a new architect that would like to use stainless steel in his projects?
ISV:   We consider stainless steel a top material, and we would recommend it to be used unreservedly.

I.I.      Tell us a few words about your cooperation with Ieronimakis Inox.
ISV:   We consider Ieronimakis Inox as the best stainless steel manufacturer in Greece, both in terms of technological capabilities and for the excellent cooperation we have during all those years.