The responsibility of the firm towards the community and the social surroundings in which its activity takes place is a very serious matter, therefore, Ieronimakis Inox applies all the procedures by the environmental and ecological legislations. The Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a longterm policy and derives from our company's will not only to look forward but also around in order to "hear" todays' needs for a better future.

The financial support to various charity institutions and national organisations that fight against poverty and diseases, in addition to the investments in eco-friendly programmes for water-treatment and waste-disposal, the participation in eco-friendly certified projects along with the raise of ecological awareness of our staff are part of Ieronimakis Inox's debt to the environment and the society. Here are some of Ieronimakis Inox 's actions:
  • Donations:
    Our company provides financial supports the charitable non-profil association "AROGI", the MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERES, UNICEF and several other associations.
  • Proper Management System of water ressources in our facilities:
    Both production units of Ieronimakis Inox dispose management and treatment system for the proper distribution and use of water.
  • Waste Disposal (Scrap):
    The metal scrap that remains after the completion of a product is collected by an authorized Scrap Management Company. 
  • Battery, electrical device and consumable recycling:
    In our facilities recycle bins for each material are placed in central spots so that all the personnel has access.