19 février 2015

Interview avec le fameux architect M. Alexandros N. Tombazis


I.I.   "What is the source of your creativity?"
A.T. "The joy of creating something new itself in the first place, the scenery, the climate, the materials… An architect can be inspired from anything that catches his eye; therefore it’s difficult to give a general answer. Furthermore, inspiration also comes along with various limitations that inevitably come up in every project. It’s my personal belief that the need to correspond to limitations is one of the things that differentiate architecture from other forms of art like painting or sculpture, that are in a higher level of free expression. We always have to remember that most of the times we draw for other people, so the project should represent us, until a point, but mostly the desire of our customer who is the one that will inhabit or use it. To sum up, our creativity has to serve the recipient/customer and not our personal publicity."

I.I.   "Which is your most beautiful creation in stainless steel and why does it stand out?
A.T. "Stainless steel is a material we have used in many projects (like at the Athens Hilton Hotel) and for many types of constructions. In this case I will mention a different (non-architectural) creation; back in 1999 I experimented with a series of small sculptures-models based on human patterns and I chose to materialize in stainless steel a big-scale sculpture that would be set outdoors."

I.I.   "What are your criteria for choosing stainless steel on your projects?"
Α.Τ. "The criteria differ from project to project and it’s based mostly on the desired effect. It’s the morphoplastic abilities, the minimalistic look, the durability in time and of course the fact that it doesn’t rust (if the right type is used) that lead as to applying stainless steel."  

I.I.  "When was your first contact with stainless steel in your projects?"
Α.Τ. "A long time ago…" 

I.I.  "Do you believe that stainless steel will still exist in future projects?"
Α.Τ."Most certainly yes, for all the reasons mentioned above and in news forms."    

I.I.  "What would you advise a new professional that would use stainless steel in his projects?"
Α.Τ."To work with an experienced manufacturer."

I.I. "Tell us a few words on your cooperation with Ieronimakis Inox S.A."
Α.Τ."We’ve worked with Ieronimakis Inox in many projects and it’s a firm that stands out for its credibility, the thorough study before every fitting and the excellent quality of the final outcome."